Thursday, 21 October 2010

A Student Nurses View....

Nursing is not easy, it is a very stressful field, contrary to that true statement it is very rewarding to say the least. I would like to say to all nursing students, no matter how hard it may get, how frustrated you may feel 'Do Not Give Up' hang in there! Feeling like quitting is 'Normal' and several ex students can vouch for me when I say this. My advice is, remember why you started, think about the potential of your future and also consider all the people who's lives you will one day touch, change & embrace if you have not already done so. The greatest decision I made was enrolling onto the Adult Nursing course, the rest of the hard work is nothing but a great learning curve, of which I have embraced ever since.

No matter what Allied Health Care Profession you are in, I would like to think, as we work side by side you could learn a thing or two about what it is like to be a student. How fearful it can be, what an emotional transition it is & how easy it is to be discouraged by another's bad attitude towards you. Yes you too were once students, however it comes across to many, that once one qualifies it is almost as if you just jumped into your post and in turn have no patience for those who want to get to where you are at.

It is hard to adjust, especially when on a placement where you feel like a total alien in the environment and have to take a lot of grief. Not only from patients but from staff too, those who are meant to be helping and nurturing you to be the best that they have become or better. Admittedly for some, it may be different and they might fit right in but for most it is a nervy, scary & worrying experience. Due to students not wanting to make mistakes (of which you will) and you Never want to upset your mentors and or team members (of which at times you might). 

To all students, no matter what, do Not be discouraged and if at any point you start feeling so, do not leave talk about it to anyone. Lecturers especially in your first year can be very sympathetic, if not then address it with your peers as you never know, they too might be feeling the same way and were just to scared for whatever reason to say something. 

Take Care all, do Feel free to leave any recommendations that were helpful to you along your learning path & if possible try to state where it helped i.e. Placement, Assignment, Osce's etc.. 

All the best to everyone with their endeavours (YB) ;0)*  
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Recommended Nursing Titles

  • The Royal Marsden Hospital Manual of Clinical Nursing Procedures (Student Edition) by Lisa Dougherty
  • Nursing Calculations by John D. Gatford and Nicole Phillips - Book
  • Nursing Care: An Essential Guide by Mrs Linda Field
  • Ross and Wilson Anatomy and Physiology in Health and Illness by Anne Waugh
  • Nursing Practice: Hospital and Home -- The Adult by Margaret F. Alexander
  • Foundations of Nursing Practice: Fundamentals of holistic care by Chris Brooker


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Interesting Items I Like
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